Dear USACSA members, colleagues and friends,

You are cordially invited to submit a manuscript for the forthcoming 2016 edition (Volume 12) of Academic Perspective 学术展望杂志(ISSN 1936-1246), an annual journal published by the USA Chinese Scholars Association (USACSA).


Authors are encouraged to submit your works (including preliminary research), book reviews, and commentaries in their disciplines and fields.  In addition, this volume also includes members’ news to report your relevant activities in the past year.

Your manuscript can be in either Chinese or English, with a maximum length of 15 single-spaced pages. In order to print the journal before USACSA Convention in Sept. 2016, the submission deadline will be June, 30 2016.

Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the USACSA Editorial Board and/or other invited peer reviewers. Notice of acceptance will be sent to authors after their works are accepted for publication in the Journal.

All of the journal articles are freely available to the public online.  Authors retain copyrights to their individual articles, hold sole responsibility for their writings, and are welcome to reuse it as they deem appropriate. Make sure that your submissions have no copyright issues.

Your manuscript must be a Word document, single spaced, with one-column layout, one-inch margins, Times New Roman font size 12, first-level headings in all capital letters, and second-level headings with first letter in capital. References must be in alphabetical order and be placed at the end of the manuscript. Citations in the text must refer to authors by last name. Please do not use footnotes.

To access previous volumes of the Academic Perspective, please visit the CSA website at

Please email your manuscript by June 15, 2015 to Editors-in-Chief:

  • Ke-Qin Hu (Natural Sciences & Engineering)University of California at Irvine. Email:
  • Dr. Michael Zhang (Social Sciences & Humanities), LAW OFFICES OF MICHAEL J. ZHANG, Email:

美国华裔教授学者协会《学术展望》杂志(ISSN1936-1246)第12卷2016年电子和印刷版,现在正在征稿,为了保证九月份年会能够印刷出版,征稿截止日期为2016 630。欢迎大家踊跃投稿: 自己 的文章或研究成果(包括初步研究结果)、论文摘要、书评、评论、学习心得、经历感 悟、科技、教育和学术发展动向等,用电子邮件寄给我们。另外还设有会员动态报道,请将过去一年的活动简要发给我们,我们会选用刊登。投稿中文或英文都可以。文稿最长不超过15页。收到的书稿将由编委会审稿,或邀 请专家同仁审稿。文稿一旦接受,即会通知作者。投稿版权由作者所有,文责自负,作者以后还可再使用。所投稿件务必是没有版权问题的。




USACSA Board 美国华裔教授学者协会

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