Article I. Name

This organization shall be known as USA Chinese Scholars Association (USACSA)

Article II. Mission (Purposes)

As a non-for-profit and non political organization, the mission of the organization are:

  1. To promote intellectual exchange and friendship among Chinese scholars in the United States as well as in the world;
  2. To contribute to the development of science, technology and higher education in the United States and China; and
  3. To enhance the Sino-American friendship and mutual understanding between Eastern and Western cultures.

Article III. Membership

Eligibility for membership includes:

Any individual who agrees to the USACSA purposes and has a doctoral degree or equivalent or is a faculty member (or emeritus) or researcher at the rank of assistant professor or equivalent or higher in universities, colleges, or other institutions may become a regular member upon the review of the board; and the member can choose to become a lifetime member;

Any individual who supports and contributes to the USACSA purposes in a significant way may become an honorary member without voting rights upon the approval of the board;

Any individual who agrees to and supports the USACSA purposes but doesn’t meet the eligibility prescribed in Article III.1 may become an associate member without voting rights upon the review of the board; and the board shall prescribe the amount of annual membership dues for each kind of its members respectively.

Article IV. USACSA Member’s Rights and Duties

  1. All members have right to participate in USACSA events and activities and serve on committees and designated positions.
  2. Regular and lifetime members have right to vote, nominate, self-nominate, and be nominated, and serve on the board.
  3. All members shall be kept informed of USACSA developments and activities. All members shall pay membership dues as prescribed by the board.

Article V. Presidents Council

Presidents Council consists of USACSA’s past presidents and plays an advisory role. The immediate past president shall become the council chair for two years. In case the immediate past president is unable to serve as chair, the council can select a chair.

Article VI. Board of Directors

The executive powers of the organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be composed of the following seven members:

  1. President and Vice President
  2. Treasurer and Secretary
  3. Three other board directors.
  4. The detailed rules of USACSA operations shall be followed by the board.
  5. The board members shall be elected by the membership at large for a term of two years. USACSA officers, directors, and their job assignments shall be decided by the elected board members.
  6. The President of the organization shall be the chief executive officer of the organization and can serve for one term only.
  7. The other board members can be reelected to continue to serve no more than three consecutive terms as a board member and no more than two consecutive terms at the same position, effective from the current term, January 2004.

In case any of the board members resigns or is unable to serve, the successor will be replaced by the next highest vote received in the election to serve the remaining term.

Article VII. USACSA Activities

  1. The Board of Directors shall hold an annual general assembly of the organization.
  2. Other activities the Board can organize or appoint committees to conduct may include, but not limited to the following:
  3. Forum of discussions among members;
  4. Social gathering of members and their families;
  5. Special seminars by honored speakers;
  6. Workshops by invited speakers or members; and
  7. Organized visit to China, and so forth.
  8. Awards for academic achievement, leadership, and service.

Shall any members plan on other activities, the prior approval of the board is required.

Article VIII. Discipline and Liability

  1. Each member of all kinds is responsible and liable for one’s own speech, behavior and action when the person either acts alone or on behalf of USACSA or participates in USACSA’s activities. The board officers and directors are discharged from any responsibilities and liabilities for any speech, behavior and action conducted by USACSA members.
  2. If any member’s speech, behavior and action are against the purposes of the organization, the board has the right to nullify the person’s membership without a refund of paid dues.

If any board member acts illegally or seriously violates the USACSA bylaws and rules, a recall can be initiated by a petition from at least ten members and approved by a vote of two third of the voting members. The board shall facilitate the voting process.

Article IV. Board Election

The election committee consists of three members who are not candidates for the election. The election is conducted through email and the process includes nomination, candidate introduction and campaign statement, and voting by members.

Article X. Amendments and Ratification

Amendments to this By Laws shall become effective upon ratification by a simple majority of the voting members.

Article XI. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the organization, all of its assets or properties shall, subject to the discharge of valid obligations of the organization, be distributed to charitable organizations as the board may recommend and the simple majority of the voting members.