A New Year’s Message from 2018 USACSA President

Dear Members and Friends,

We wish you and your family Happy New Year!

Thanks for the members’ nomination and the excellent work by the Election Committee, we are pleased to be selected and serve 2018-2019 Board of Directors for our great organization.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Zhonghe Wu, the immediate past present, members of 2016-2017 Board of Directors, and all our members and volunteers for your great job, dedication, and contribution to the growth of USACSA.

We had our first Board of Directors meeting on Jan 6, and would like to inform you the following appointment:

  • President (会长): Prof. Ke-Qin Hu (胡克勤教授)
  • Vice Present (副会长): Attorney Michael Zhang (张军律师)
  • Secretary (秘书长): Prof. Yong-Gang Li (郦永刚教授)
  • Treasurer (司库): Penny Li, MPA & MBA (李萍女士)
  • Director of Natural Science (自然科学理事): Prof. Sheng-He Huang (黄胜和教授)
  • Director of Social & Humanities Sciences (社会科学理事): Prof. Bo Li (李博教授)
  • Director of IT, Development/Outreach (IT,对外联络与发展理事): Dr. Peter Zhang (章华博士)

We encourage and appreciate your support and voluntary work with the Board of Directors. For those who are interested in help, please contact any one of above members.
In our meeting, we also discussed how we can work together to best benefit our members and community, make our organization further growing and public imaging, and what are our short-term and long-term plan. At this time, we would like to share with you our following plan and efforts:

  1. We will have our annual Chinese New Year lunch gathering (2018 新春团聚) on Feb 24 (Sat) in Golden Hibachi, Alhambra. Please save the date, and we will keep you posted on this event.
  2. We will work on possibility to continue 春辉计划 this year to promote academic exchange and research collaboration with some universities in China.
  3. We will continue our efforts to further grow our organization by recruiting life-time members, outreach to other societies and community.
  4. We will update our members’ database, especially their specialties and expertise and promote information exchange among members.
  5. Our scientific journal “Academic Perspective 学术展望杂志” is a unique strength of our organization. We will continue publishing this year’s issue.
  6. Website and media are critical element for any organization. We will work on further development of our website, and encourage more IT experts to join our IT team. For those who are interested in help, please contact Peter Zhang, our IT director, directly.
  7. Adequate financial status is also important to our organization. We encourage donation, and will plan fundraising activity in near future.

We will have further plan to come and also appreciate your suggestions and feedback. We are sure with our mutual efforts, USA CSA could better serve our members and community with continuous development and growth.

Thank you all.


Ke-Qin Hu, MD
2018-2019 President of USACSA


2017-2018 board members

2018-2019 USACSA 理事会合照。左起,李博, 吴仲和(前任主席),胡克勤,李萍,张军,郦永刚,章华理事。黄胜和理事远程参会,未能加入合照。