2019 USACSA Board Election Announcement (换届选举通知)

Dear USACSA Members,

It is time to elect USACSA Board of 2020-2021. The board will consist of seven directors with a term of two years from Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021.

USACSA members may nominate and self-nominate up to seven candidates. The eligible persons including candidates for this election must be current formal USACSA members before the USACSA 2019 Annual Meeting to be eligible to participate in the election activities. USACSA members who have actively made contributions to the USACSA over the past few years are preferred as the candidates.

The current USACSA Board agreed to invite the following USACSA lifetime members to serve on the election committee:

  • Dr. Sheng-He Huang (Chair)
  • Dr. Keqin Hu
  • Dr. Xiping Liu

The election timeline is as follow:

  1. Nov.18-Nov. 25: USACSA members send nominations and their statements to the Election Committee.
  2. Nov. 26-27: the Election Committee will send out the list of candidates.
  3. Nov. 28-Dec. 05: USACSA members send their votes to the Election Committee.
  4. Dec. 08: The Election Committee reports the election results to the USACSA Board.