美国华裔教授学者协会2017 春晖学术交流团启动

由美国华裔教授学者协会(US Chinese Scholars Association)组织,得到中国教育部资助, 旨在帮助中国高校建设和发展的2017春晖学术交流团已经产生。该团成员是经过透明和公正的评选,并根据个人意愿选出的。 代表团成员将于今年五月底和六月初对下列学校进行访问交流。


  1. 郦永刚(博士,教授,地球物理和地震學)
  2. 容跃(博士,环境健康科学工程)
  3. 李博(博士,助理教授,运营及供应链管理)


  1. 颜利平(博士,土木工程)
  2. 裘志勇 (博士,生物医学工程)


  1. 陈岳云 (博士,教授,经济/金融)
  2. 胡克勤(博士,教授,医学)
  3. 谭智群(博士,研究副教授,神经科学)


  1. 鲁建业 (博士,教授,英语和文学)
  2. 吴仲和(博士,教授,美国教育)

相关交流信息我们会及时向大家报告。请大家关注 (。


2017 ChunHui Scholars-Exchange Delegation Launched

Sponsored by the Department of Education of the People’s Republic of China, our association (US Chinese Scholars Association) has organized a Chunhui Scholars Exchange Delegation, aimed to help Chinese universities to continually improve their quality in education.  Based on the principal of transparency and fairness, candidates’ willingness, and needs of universities, the delegation members were carefully selected by a screening committee. The delegation will visit the following universities in China at the end of May and beginning of June, 2017.

Qingdao University

  1. Yonggang Li (Ph.D., Professor, Geophysics and Seismology)
  2. Yue Rong (Ph.D., Environmental Health Science Engineering)
  3. Bo Li (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Operations and Supply Chain Management)

Qingdao University of Science and Technology

  1. Li-ping Yan (Ph.D., Civil Engineering)
  2. Zhiyong Qiu (Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering)

Nanchang University 

  1. Bill Chen (Ph.D., Professor, Economics / Finance)
  2. Keqin Hu (Ph.D., Professor, Medicine)
  3. Zhiqun Tan (Ph.D., Associate Research Professor, Neuroscience)

Jiangxi Normal University

  1. James Lu (Ph.D., Professor, English and Literature)
  2. Zhonghe Wu (Ph.D., Professor, American Education)

We will report to you any news about the delegation in a timely manner. You can also follow the news from our association website at


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