USACSA 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration 美国华裔教授学者协会2018新春聚会通知

Dear USACSA members and friends,

We are pleased to announce that our association is having 2018 Spring Festival Gathering on February 24, 2018.  This is the happy time for Chinese professors, scholars, and students in the United States, especially in Los Angeles, CA area.

This event provides a great opportunity for us to meet and have fun together. We would like to introduce our new president and the board directors of 2018-2019 term. We are looking forward to your attendance. You are welcome to bring your family or friends. Please make sure to register at

Time: February 24, 2018 (Saturday), 11:30 to 15:00
Place: Gold Hibachi Buffet, 2223 W Commonwealth Ave, Alhambra, CA 91803 Phone: (626) 576-7688

Program:VIP talks; member exchange; performance and entertainment; gift ruffle; buffet meal
Invitation: USACSA members, family members and friends; community colleagues.
The event is free for lifetime members, and $25/person for other members and guests.


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聚会时间: 2018年2月24日 (周六),早11:30至下午3点

聚会地点: Gold Hibachi Buffet,2223 W Commonwealth Ave, Alhambra, CA 91803  电话: (626) 576-7688

节目: 特邀佳宾,会员交流; 节目表演; 礼品抽奖;自助美餐(Buffet)
受邀者: USACSA会员, 家属和朋友; 社区同仁,朋友和家属