美国华裔教授学者协会将举行换届选举 (2017)

Announcement of Board members election of US Chinese Scholars Association

Dear USACSA Members,

It is time to elect the USACSA (abbreviated as CSA)  Board of 2018-2019. The board will consist of seven members with a term of two years from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2019.

According to Article VI and IV of the Bylaws, CSA members may nominate or self-nominate up to seven candidates. The current CSA Board agreed to invite the following CSA lifetime members to serve on the Election Committee, which is responsible for the election.

  • Zhonghe Wu (Chair)
  • Bai-Lian (Larry) Li
  • Jeffrey Wang

The election timeline is as follows:

By 11/19: make announcement via the CSA WeChat group and email list as well as the CSA website

By 11/26: CSA members send nominations and self-nominations to the Election Committee. The committee decides the final qualified candidates and requests campaign statements

By 12/3: Candidates send their campaign statements to the Election Committee

By 12/17: CSA members send their votes to the Election Committee

By 12/24: The Election Committee reports the election results to the CSA Board.

We hope our members are actively participate in this election.

Board of USACSA (美国华裔教授学者协会理事会)


You can download the pdf version of the file: Election Announcement